Author: TeeTime Golf Pass Team

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Clubhouse Golf Guide – 2023

It’s been nearly two decades since TeeTime Golf Pass last published ...

04, Aug 2023

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Baltimore’s Classic Five Preserves the Spirit of Public Play

In addition to providing affordable and well-maintained layouts, the c...

11, May 2023

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Olde Stonewall Throws Down the Gauntlet

Olde Stonewall is a golf writer’s worst nightmare. Much like a lengt...

20, Apr 2023

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History Really Does Matter at Washtenaw Golf Club

Many years ago a cynical newspaper editor scolded a wet-behind-the-ear...

12, Apr 2023

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Stars Align at EagleSticks and Virtues

Pinehurst. Myrtle Beach. Hilton Head. Zanesville, OH? Admittedly, the ...

30, Mar 2023

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Bull Run Offers a Great View from the Fairway

A grizzly old Irish caddie or it could’ve been one of my playing bud...

20, Mar 2023

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Irwin’s Coyote Crossing Leads the Pack

The first thing taught in Golf Course Architecture 101 is that land sh...

01, Mar 2023

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The Past Meets The Future At Belmont in Richmond, VA

How can a golf course come full circle and be the same but very differ...

15, Feb 2023

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Stop the Car and Enjoy a Round at Belmont Lake

Anyone with even a hint of a villainous bone in their body can design ...

10, Jan 2023

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Irish Eyes are Smiling at Golf Club of Dublin

The luck of the Irish isn’t confined to leprechauns and those who ki...

31, Dec 2022