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We’re on a mission to help our customers find the best deals in golf.  But don’t just take our word for it.  See for yourself what some of our most loyal customers have to say about TeeTime Golf Pass.

We purchase 2 pass books every year, We’ve traveled to 5 different states just to try new golf courses. We have found amazing and challenging courses we never knew existed. The books pay for themselves in just a few rounds.

Lanoka Harbor, NJ

We all have and use your TTGP! Our group reflects your philosophy of “Play more, pay less”. I’ve compiled some data below reflecting on our golf season. There were 61 golf dates for which your TTGP was needed 58 times.

80 PLUS Golf Group
Carlisle, PA

We really enjoyed using our TeeTime books this golf season as we have in seasons past. I personally saved over $300.00 in green fees and we especially like discovering courses we haven’t played before. We recommend all golfers to be sure to have a TeeTime golf pass in their bag before they head to the course!!!

Columbiana, OH

We have been buying your TeeTime books for many years. Every time we play at the abundance of courses that you have to offer in Northeast Ohio and Western PA., we are saving money.

Canton, Ohio

Tee Time Golf Pass book is well worth the money. Only halfway through the golf season and I’ve saved over $100.

Canton, MI

The three of us talked our group into buying the books and now we save every week. We have a traveling group and the variety is great.

Dearborn, Michigan

Since we couldn’t bowl together this year, we bought the Tee Time Golf Pass. We get together once a week and enjoy different courses with great saving and great fun.

New Kensington, PA

Thank You, Thank You, TeeTime Golf Pass. My friends and I enjoy this book so much we use it several times a week. Lots of people at the courses see our books and ask what they are all about. I tell them it is about saving lots of $$$ and having fun at the same time. Can’t wait till next year!

Livonia, MI

My small group plays golf twice a week and enjoys the discount when using the TeeTime pass. We also take at least two three-day trips a year and look through the TeeTime book to pick our courses.

Coopersburg, Pennsylvania

I just love the experience I am having with TeeTime. It has already paid for itself! I will have a TeeTime every year from now on!

Lambertville, MI

We added many new courses to our list of courses we have played and for a lot less money than we would have paid had we not had the advantage of the TEETIME GOLF PASS!

Macomb, MI

From day one we are saving money with our Tee Time Golf Pass booklet. We purchase a book each year and play as many courses as possible. Best value in golf!

Prospect, Kentucky

The TeeTime golf pass book is the best thing ever. Just use it twice and it pays for itself,My friend have used it 20-25 times this year. This book makes us get our and play more golf.

Bill G.
Okeana, Ohio

The Tee Time passbook allows our group of a dozen seniors (ages 65 to 86} to economically play a variety of beautiful courses in our vicinity. We try to get together once a week so the Tee Time pays for itself before summer is over.

Sykesville, Maryland

I love the book and it has given me so many Good courses to play that I would not have played. I have saved and plan on passing this good fortune to my golfing buddies.

Bill R.
Pikesville, MD

“Our entire golf league purchases and uses the TeeTime Golf Pass book. We really LOVE it!! Thanks so much!!!”

Oakmont, Pennsylvania

The best golf deals ever! We have a group of 4 and we all buy a passbook every year. We drive and play many top courses in Lexington, Cincinnati, Dayton, Indianapolis, and Louisville. We save 30-50% on every round!

Edgewood , Kentucky

The BEST DEAL IN GOLF BY FAR is the Teetime Golf Pass. This Book pays for itself in just a few rounds of golf savings. Our group has gotten to where we ONLY PLAY COURSES that participate in the Tee-time Book. THANK YOU TEE TIME GOLF PASS!”

Dennis & John
Monroeville, Pennsylvania

We are a group of women that travel to TeeTime Golf Pass courses in Central PA and Northern MD. We all enjoy playing golf several days a week and appreciate the discounts available through TeeTime Golf Pass!

Carlisle, Pennsylvania

We all love the TeeTime book because of how much money it saves us! We use it every week and save over $300 a year.

528 Vietnam Vets of America
Plymouth, Michigan

“We love TeeTime Golf Pass. Thanks to the passbooks we were able to explore many courses in VA and MD at discounted rates. TeeTime Golf Pass brings us together, keeps us active. We enjoy the games, play More but pay Less!”

Golf outing
Sterling, VA

The book is a great way to save on golf.

Painesville , Ohio

Remarkably, got one last round in yesterday before this stuff behind got here, fortunately for me I had one square left to use at one of my favorite golf courses, Zoar. This book is the BOMB, don’t leave home without it or you’ll be mad you did. keep em coming.

Canton, Ohio

18 of these guys have books and save from $383 – $587 playing between 22-133 rounds. Also make at least 4 trips each year.

Dayton, OH

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