Top Golf Influencers in the US

Who to Follow to Stay Ahead of the Game


Staying on top of the latest trends, tips, and news in golf is easier when you’ve got the right people to follow. Whether you’re looking to improve your swing, get the scoop on tour gossip, or just need a good laugh (and who doesn’t?!), these top golf influencers have got you covered. We’ve put together a list of the best folks in the golf world who are worth your follow and carefully compiled based on their popularity, engagement, content quality, industry recognition, diversity of content and heck, just who we like!  Here’s who made the cut and why they’re awesome.

1. Rick Shiels

Rick is the go-to guy for golf tutorials and reviews. He’s got one of the largest followings on YouTube (2.83M and growing!) for golf content, and for good reason—his insights are gold. One of his standout series is where Rick goes head-to-head with a pro, starting 10 under, making for some nail-biting content.

2. Paige Spiranac

Paige is a former pro golfer who’s now a social media star. Her sexualized approach to golf content has sparked controversy, but she remains a skilled golfer and a prominent figure in the golf community. Despite criticism, Paige advocates for making golf more accessible and fun, mixing tips, lifestyle, and humor in her posts.

3. Peter Finch

Peter is another fantastic source for golf tips and course reviews. He’s well-known for his in-depth and honest reviews of different golf clubs, making his content invaluable for anyone looking to update their gear. His content is both educational and entertaining—perfect for any golf enthusiast.

4. Erik Anders Lang

Erik’s YouTube channel “Random Golf Club” brings a unique storytelling angle to golf. His content makes the sport more relatable and interesting—definitely worth a watch.

5. Me and My Golf (Piers Ward and Andy Proudman)

These two are known for their instructional content that helps golfers improve their game with practical tips and drills. They break down complex techniques into easy-to-follow steps, making it super simple to improve your game. They’re like your friendly neighborhood golf coaches.

6. Brooks Koepka

Brooks is a professional golfer with a significant social media presence. He shares insights into his professional life and golfing experiences—perfect for fans who want a peek behind the scenes.

7. Bryson DeChambeau

Bryson is a golf pro with wins at two majors under his belt. His analytical approach to the game provides a unique perspective that appeals to both casual fans and serious golfers. However, he’s also known for stirring up controversy. His scientific methods, pace of play, and public spats with other players, including Brooks Koepka, have made him a polarizing figure in the golf world.

8. Michelle Wie West

Michelle is a professional golfer who shares her journey, insights, and advocacy for women in golf. When she was just 13 in 2003, she became the youngest player to ever make the cut at an LPGA Tour event. A few months later, she made the cut at the U.S. Women’s Open, becoming the youngest to ever achieve that feat. Her posts are inspiring and motivational—one of our favs on the list and definitely a must-follow.

9. Tania Tare

Tania is famous for her trick shots and engaging content. She brings a fun and entertaining element to golf, making her a joy to follow.

10. Hannah Gregg

Hannah is an up-and-coming influencer known for her engaging and relatable golf content on Instagram. She’s great at connecting with a younger audience and making golf fun.

Keep Swinging!

These influencers are your ticket to staying entertained and informed with the latest golf tips, trends, and news. They cover everything from professional insights to fun and educational posts, making them valuable resources for any golf enthusiast. So, make sure to check out their social media handles and stay ahead of the game!